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Windhoek traditionally known as hot springs

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia .On a hilltop in the city center are the 1890s Alte Feste, a former military headquarters with historical exhibits, and Independence Memorial Museum. Colonial influences are visible in nearby buildings like the sandstone Lutheran Christus Church.


  1. In 1840 Jonker Afrikaner established an Orlam settlement at Windhoek.
  2. The present Windhoek was founded on 18 October 1890 when Von Francois laid the foundation stone of the fort, which is known as the Alte Feste (Old Fortress).
  3. After 1907, development accelerated as indigenous people migrated from the countryside to the growing town to seek work. More European settlers arrived from Germany and South Africa
  4. Since independence in 1990, Windhoek has remained the national capital


  1. Visit Alte feste ( the old fortress)
  2. Visit Independense memorial museum
  3. Vsist Zoo park
  4. Pay homage at Heroe acre
  5. Take photo of Reitrdenkmal

How to reach there


Namibia’s main airport is Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) located 40km/25mi east of Windhoek . It has flights connecting Cape town, Frankfurt , Luwanda, Victoria falls, Addis Ababa, Doha and Amsterdam

Nearby destinations

  1. Daan Viljoen Park ( 24kms away)
  2. Namib-Naukluft National Park ( 243 kms away)
  3. Gross Barmen (100kms away)
  4. Von Bach Damm ( 60 kms away)
  5. Archers land ( 35 kms away)

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