Where to watch live Kalaripayattu performance

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Location : Kerala, India

There are many centers in Kerala which conduct Kalaripayattu performances. These centers show cases the Kalaripayattu martial art form for those who are interested in Kalaripayattu and Kerala’a culture. We have included names of some of the popular centers where Kalaripayattu performances conducted which we got through internet search . We may have missed some prominent centers , details of which will be updated later.The names of the centers where live Kalaripayattu performances are conducted is listed in alphabetical order.

1.Buddha Kalari – Thiruvananthapuram

Contact in advance for watching Kalari performance


Contact number : +91 9847093549, +91 9497162488

2.CVN Kalari – Thiruvananthapuram

CVN Kalari is one of the oldest Kalaripayattu schools of modern times started in 1945. 14 days advance notice is required for watching Kalaripayattu performance and group maximum 25 persons are allowed at a time inside Kalari


Contact number:  + 91 471 2474182

3.ENS Kalari – Kochi

Daily show is there by 7:15 to 8:15pm. But prior boking is required


Contact number: +91 70128 87128, +91 6238 194 367

4.Greenix Village- Kochi

Daily performance from 4pm to 5pm


Contact number: +91-9846020091

5.Kadathanadan Kalari – Thekkay

The Kalaripayattu performance is done in a “Kuzhi Kalari” or a Kalari / arena made by digging a big pit in earth ( Kuzhi). Daily shows are conducted from 6pm to 7pm


Contact number : +919961740868, +919447611967

7.Kalari Kshetra- Munnar

Daily shows of Kalaripayattu is available from 6pm to 7pm


Contact number:+9194970 05888

8.Kerala Kathakali center – Kochi

Daily Kalaripayattu performance from 4pm to 5pm


Contact number: +91 9895534939, +919895860646

9.Mudra cultural center – Thekkady

Sunday to saturday 30 minutes show anytime between 9am to 8pm

Contact number : +91 98466 95049

10.Punarjani traditional village – Munnar

Kalaripayattu performance daily from 5pm to 6pm


Contact number : +9198959 99701

For more on Kalaripayattu:



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