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“The green paradise ” hidden out of popular tourist circuit

Wayanad is a district located in the north-east region of the Indian state of Kerala It is known for its cool highland climate, misty peaks and its virgin forests. It is often called the spice garden of the south.


  1. In the ancient times this land was ruled by the Rajas of the Veda tribe.
  2. The recorded history of this district exists only from the 10th century onward.
  3. In 930 AD, emperor Erayappa of Ganga Dynasty led his troops to south west of Mysore and after conquering, called it Bayalnad meaning the land of swamps.
  4. In later times, Wayanad came under the rule of Pazhassi Rajas of Kottayam royal dynasty.
  5. When Wayanad was under Hyder Ali‘s rule, the ghat road from Vythiri to Thamarassery invented
  6. When the state of Kerala was formed in 1956, Wayanad was part of Kannur district. Later South Wayanad was added to Kozhikode district and then on November 1, 1980 North and South Wayanad joined together to form the present Wayanad district.


  1. Trek to Edakkal caves
  2. Enjoy wild life in Kuruva dweep
  3. Visit Soojipara water falls
  4. Climb Chembara peak
  5. Bird watching at Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary

How to reach there


Nearest airport of Wayanad is Karipur international airport at Kozhikode and about 100 km to go from Wayanad . Along with Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai this airport links gulf countries too, such as- Oman, Quatar, Kuwait and Saudi.


Nearest railway station to Wayanad is Kozhikode. From there regular direct train services towards Trivandrum, Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.


KSRTC buses are well networked from all nearby cities to Wayanad. There are regular super fast buses run between Wayanad and Trivandrum (470 KM), Mangalore (260 KM), Bangalore (280 KM) and Kochi (275 KM). Thus it gets easy to know how to reach Wayanad.

Nearby destinations

  1. Kozhikode (85 kms away)
  2. Coorg ( 132 kms away)
  3. Bandipur national park ( 37 kms away)
  4. Ooty ( 110kms away)
  5. Mysore (131 kms away)

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