Valentine’s day at Verona – Where Romeo wooed Juliet

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Location : Verona, Italy

Destination Type: Cultural

Each year during Valentine’s day the Italian city of Verona celebrates “Verona in Love”. The streets are decorated and a heart-shaped red carpet is laid at heart of the city. It is surrounded by illuminated market stalls. Visitors from around the world flock at Verona during Valentine’s day to celebrate ” Verona in Love”

History of  Verona

  1. William Shakespeare’s play “ Romeo and Juliet “ & “Two Gentlemen from Verona” are set in Verona
  2. In 1972 the famous sculptor Nereo Costantini gave shape to Juliet by creating the famous bronze statue, placed in the courtyard
  3. In 1938 the city Council has created  the Museum of Juliet’s house  with is famous balcony to celebrate the eternal love story
  4. This year celebrates the 16th edition of the festival Verona in love

Activities for visitors at Verona during

  1. Take a selfie near Juliet’s balcony of Shakespeare’s eternal love story
  2. Participate in the free concerts conducted across the city
  3. Try out wine and chocolate tasting
  4. Express your love near the bronze statue of Juliet
  5. Leave a love letter on the wall of the courtyard in Juliet’s House

How to reach there


The Verona airport is located 10kms aay from the city. There are direct flights between Verona and Rome Fiumicino, Munich, Berlin, Moscow, Naples, Frankfurt, Catania, Paris Charles De GaulleLondon Gatwick, Dublin, Palermo,Cork, Manchester, Vienna Schwechat, Liverpool[16] and Cagliari among others.


Verona lies at a major route crossing where the north-south rail line from the Brenner Pass to Rome intersects with the east-west line between Milan and Venice, giving the city rail access to most of Europe. In addition to regional and local services the city is served by direct international trains to Zurich, Innsbruck and Munich and by overnight sleeper services to Paris and Dijon (Thello), Munich and Vienna (ÖBB).

Nearby destinations for tour operators / travel agents

  1. Venice ( 115kms away)
  2. Milan ( 168 kms away)
  3. Florence ( 235 kms away)
  4. Pisa ( 305 kms away)
  5. Padua ( 90kms away)

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