About TB lite

In a nut shell , TB lite is a cloud platform for quick and professional tour quote generation. Fast and high quality reply to an enquiry increases trust and confidence about your tour company in the minds of customers. It is often seen that customer judges the quality of a tour company through the communication made. Keeping this in mind we have created TB lite. It ensures you easier and faster sales closures of tour packages.

Understanding the critical issues faced by tour professionals while replying to an enquiry was very important for us during the creation of TB lite. The errors and delay in picking up appropriate vendor rates that could happen during costing were also affecting the sales closure.We were fortunate that around 200 tour professionals have contributed to the making of TB lite. They shared with us their insights and valuable inputs on the issues faced during daily sales activities. These efforts made sure that TB lite increases sales closure rate and brand value of a tour company . The time savings and the benefits through minimizing manual errors also adds to the profit of the company . Tour companies, Hotels, Resorts, Cab companies, Home stays, Houseboats etc can now use TB lite for creating beautiful itineraries within 3 minutes.

The features of TB lite include:-

  • Quick tour itinerary generator
  • Easy and quick tour costing enabler
  • Quick reply to an enquiry creator

  • Central repository for vendor rates
  • Easy itinerary builder
  • Repository for tour packages

TB lite has been created with industry related jargons. This makes sure that even if an executive is less experienced, they can be made productive very fast with less effort.