Some proven tips for smarter tour sales follow-up

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Some proven tips for smarter tour sales follow-up

In today’s digital age, where most interactions between businesses and customers are done online, phone calls can provide a more personal touch and help travel businesses stand out from their competitors. Therefore telephone calls  are an important aspect for maintaining a healthy and long standing relationship with existing and prospective travellers.

Therefore, here we are sharing some basic tips for tour sales executives to make smarter and more effective sales calls for increased tour sales conversion.

Prioritise the prospective and existing traveller follow-ups for each day

  • Prioritise your tour leads at the start of the day based on their probability of travelling.
  • Followup calls should be made according with prospects convenient time if communicated.
  • The leads with the highest probability of travelling should be followed up first.

By prioritising your follow-up based on the leads with the highest probability of travelling, you can ensure that you won’t miss the important follow-ups.

Follow-up on right intervals

  • It’s important to establish the right intervals between each communication based on the travel prospect’s level of interest and readiness to book.
  • There is always a thin line between too aggressive( annoying) follow ups and too much lethargic (unprofessional)  follow-ups.
  • You have to walk a tight line  in between too aggressive or too relaxed follow up for a happy sales closure. 
  • During every follow-ups try to know more about your prospective traveller.
  • Having a better understanding of the potential traveler increases the likelihood of providing them with a precise solution that meets their needs.

Note down the follow-up date and travel details discussed

  • After every follow up write down maximum points you have discussed with the prospective traveller( e.g., their profession,Age,dream destination, budgetary constraints, most desirable date for travel, other preferences, preferred airline or hotel category  next follow up date and time).

Set up alerts to remind you to follow-ups

  • Please ensure that you receive alerts for the upcoming follow-up with the prospective traveller at least one hour prior to the follow-up.
  • Refer to the details you have noted down on the previous follow up before making the follow up.
  • Follow-up at the precise time suggested by the travel prospect. This punctuality  shows your professionalism and enthusiasm for their travel plans
  • Begin your conversation with greeting and try to invite prospects attention to the one of the interesting details of the previous conversation.



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