Rituals , costumes and instruments of Theyyam

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Theyyam uses bright colours in the make up and the tribal rituals dating thousands of years are performed.


  1. The performer gets into disguise of a deity after spiritual preparation
  2. First phase is Vellattam or Thottam ( without much costume)
  3. Dance starts according to drum beats after wearing full costume
  4. For some Theyyams performer walks through fire
  5. The performer gets into a trance and bless devotees till becoming unconscious


  1. Facial and body painting is done
  2. The waist dress is made of bamboo, red clothes or coconut leaves
  3. Head dress(Mudi) is made of bamboo,clothes , flowers and coconut leaves
  4. Organic materials like rice and turmeric used for painting
  5. Carries sacred weapons ( Thiruvayudham)

Some of musical instruments used

  1. Chenda
  2. Elathalam
  3. Thudi
  4. Kurumkuzal and
  5. Veekkuchenda

For more: http://www.sookshmatech.com/theyyam-the-ritual-of-god-dance-in-kerala/

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Photo courtesy: By Shagil Kannur – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=86167070


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