Rameswaram Temple

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You want to wash away your sins of this life and attain Moksha(Salvation) ?Rameswaram temple is the ideal place for that according to Hindu religious believes. According to the legends the lingam in this temple was installed and worshiped by Sri Ram after killing Ravan. It is also one of the most preferred place for Asthi Visarjan or dispersing the ashes of the dead after cremation to liberate the departed soul from re-birth cycle as per Hindu religious believes.


  1. The Chola king Rajendra Chola I (1012 – 1040 CE) ruled this island for a short period
  2. Alauddin Khalji, the ruler of Delhi Sultanate conquered this place during 14th century CE
  3. By 1520 CE, Rameswaram came under the rule of Vijayanagara Empire.
  4. In 1795 CE, Rameswaram came under the direct control of the British East India Company
  5. When India got independence in 1947, Rameswaram became part of Tamil Nadu state

Activities for pilgrims

  1. Take bath in water from 22 wells ( Theerth) inside temple complex
  2. Pray to Viswalinga brought by Sri Hanuman and then worship Jyothirlinga
  3. Walk through the largest temple corridor in India
  4. Visit Dhanushkodi where Sri Ram built the mythical bridge to Lanka
  5. Visit Panchamukha Hanuman temple

How to reach there


Madurai airport 174 kms away is the nearest airport. It has flights to:

  1. Dubai
  2. Colombo
  3. Singapore
  4. New Delhi
  5. Mumbai etc


The Rameswaram railway station has trains to:

  1. Madurai
  2. Kochi (Ernakulam)
  3. Chennai
  4. Kanyakmari
  5. Varanasi etc

Temple contact

To book online for taking bath in temple theerthams click here: http://www.rameswaramtemple.tnhrce.in/theertham/Theertham_book_date.aspx

Ph: No: +91 4573 221223

email: rameswaramtemple@tnhrce.com

website : http://www.rameswaramtemple.tnhrce.in/


Best time to visit Rameswaram are winter months from November to February

Season Average temperature
Winter season (November to February) 17°C to 30C
Summer season (March to May) 27°C to 40°C

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Photo courtesy:

By SUDEEP PRAMANIK – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62380404

Content courtesy : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rameswaram#History

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