Kuruvadweep- the pristine island inside jungle

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Kuruvadweep is an uninhabited island inside forest of Wayanad, Kerala.It the only island in India surrounded by fresh water.Abundance of elephants, birds and other animals makes it sought after wildlife destination. History Recorded history of Wayanad available from 10th century CE In 930 CE Erayappa of Ganga Dynasty conquered this region Later Hyder Ali and son Read More…

Ponmudi- the golden peak of Kerala

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Ponmudi is a less explored hill station in Kerala. The natural springs, small hills, estates etc makes this a memorable holiday destination. History Was under “Ay” royal family till 10th century CE Later became part of Venad kingdom British officers found this hill station ideal for tea cultivation Post Indian independence ( 1947) it became Read More…

The Indian destination that mesmerized Holywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio

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The “Titanic” star Leonardo DiCaprio visited Ramakkalmedu in Kerala on 4th November 2002. He wrote in a visitor’s diary that it was one of the best places he had ever seen. He is said to have commented ‘If there is a paradise on earth, it is at here “.It is a hill station and a hamlet Read More…