Brief history of Kozhikode

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Kozhikode (Calicut) was a port city famous across the world during ancient times. It prompted Europeans to to find a sea route to India to get the spices from the port of Kozhikode.The arrival of Vasco da Gama at Kozhikode in 1498 spurred trade travel of Europeans to India.

Location: Kerala, India

Destination type: Historical destination

Early history of Kozhikode ( 3rd century BCE to 15th century CE)

  1. Kozhikode came under Chera kingdom during 3rd and 4th century BCE
  2. Starting from 7 century CE Arabs started trading with Kozhikode
  3. The second Chera empire ruled this area till 1102
  4. According to Prof. Krishna Ayyar the city was founded in 1034 CE
  5. The Moroccan traveler Ibn Batuta has wrote about Kozhikode in 1342

Medieval history of Kozhikode (15TH century CE to 20 century CE)

  1. On 17th May 1498 CE Vasco d Gama landed at Kozhikode
  2. He found a sea route for Europeans traders to India
  3. In 1783 CE Tipu Sultan sieged Kozhikode
  4. According to Treaties of Seringapatam with the British on 22 February and 18 March 1792 Tipu handed over Kozhikode to British
  5. British established Malabar district with Kozhikode as capital

Modern history of Kozhikode ( 20th century CE onwards)

  1. By the beginning of 20th century Kozhikode became hot spot of Indian nationalist movements
  2. Communist party and trade union movements started in Kerala here during the first half for 20th century CE
  3. Post Indian independence Kozhikode became part of Kerala state in 1956 November 1st

How to reach


Calicut International airport 28 kms away is the nearest airport. It has flights to:

  1. Dubai
  2. Muscat
  3. Doha
  4. Colombo
  5. Kuwait etc

There are flights available for domestic destinations like:

  1. New Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Bangalore
  4. Kochi
  5. Agatti etc

Places of historical importance in Kozhikode

  1. Mishkal mosque -built by an Arab merchant, Nakhooda Mishkal 650 years ago
  2. Tali temple – Its a Siva temple and its origin is unknown. The present structure was rebuilt by Kozhikode king on 14th century CE
  3. Lokanar Kave temple- 1500 years old temple. Associated with the heroes and heroines of Vadakkanpattu . 3 rock cut temples are there nearby this temple
  4. Kappad beach – The historic beach where Vasco da Gama landed on 1498
  5. SM Street – A 600 years old market place famous for its Kozhikode Halwa stores. Previously occupied by the residences and shops of sweet manufacturers from Gujarat

Nearby historical destinations within 100 kms

  1. St.Theresa shrine , Mahe
  2. Puthalam temple, Mahe
  3. St.Angelos fort, Kannur
  4. Telecherry fort, Thalassery
  5. Nilambur Kovilakom


Best time to visit Kozhikode is the winter months November to February 

Season Average temperature
Winter season (November to February) 22°C to 32°C
Summer season (March to May) 25°C to 34°C

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