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Angkor – Largest pre-industrial city in the world and largest religious monument in the world

Angkor   was the capital city of the Khmer Empire, also known as Yasodharapura . Angkor was a megacity, supporting at least 0.1% of the global population during 1010–1220. The city houses the magnificent Angkor Wat, one of Cambodia’s popular tourist attractions.


1. The Angkorian period began in AD 802, when the KhmerHindu monarch Jayavarman II declared himself a “universal monarch” and “god-king”

2. In 889, Yasovarman ascended to the throne Near the old capital of Hariharalaya, Yasovarman constructed a new city, called Yaśodharapura

3. Between 900 and 1200, the Khmer Empire produced some of the world’s most magnificent architectural masterpieces in the area known as Angkor

4. The principal temple of the Angkorian region, Angkor Wat, was built between 1113 and 1150 by King Suryavarman II.

5. The year 1296 marked the arrival at Angkor of the Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan representing the Yuan dynasty . His book The Customs of Cambodia, of approximately forty pages detailing his observations of Khmer society.

6. The end of the Angkorian period is generally set as 1431, the year Angkor was sacked and looted by Ayutthaya invaders


1. Walk around Angkor Wat

2. Visit Angkor National Museum

3. Visit floating villege

4. See artisans at work at Angkor Handicraft Association

5. Visit Ta Prohm

How to reach there


Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia and is connected by direct flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kualalumpur, Ho Chi Ming City, Vientiane and Guangzhou. Direct flight to Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is located, is available from Bangkok and Singapore.

Nearby destinations

1. Boeng Peae Wild life Sanctuary ( 113kms away)

2. Phnom Penh (324 kms away)

3. Siem Reap ( 5 kms away)

4. Koh Ker ( 120 kms away)

5. Preah Vihear ( 140 kms away)

6. Tonle Sap Lake ( 58 kms away)

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