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During the advanced training of Kalaripayattu , certain treatment methods are also taught. The Guru or master of the Kalaripayattu will know how to heal certain neurological and orthopaedic issues. The student will be taught certain Ayurveda treatments and the marmas(vital energy points) of the human body. Treatment for neurological disorders like spondylosis and orthopaedic treatment like curing of displaced / broken bones will be carried out by Kalari masters using massages, application of medicated oils etc. These are traditional methods used and doesn’t deal with modern science.

Types of Kalari massage

Traditionally three types of massages are carried out in Kalari treatment. The knowledge is handed over from one Kalari master to his favourite students orally . The Kalari massages are classified traditionally according to the use of the massage. They are :

  1. Sukha thirummu

The massage for the purpose of relaxation and rejuvenation. Normal persons without

diseases can also have this type of massage. It gives a short term energy boost once this massage is over. It increases blood circulation also.

  1. Kacha thirummu

This type of massage is done for getting strength and flexibility. Usually martial artists, sports persons, dancers etc takes this type of massage. The students joining to learn Kalaripayattu has to go through this massage .

  1. Raksha thirummu

Raksha thirummu is the massages using hand and feet given for patients with different ailments.

Places where Kalari treatment is available

Some of the institutes in Kerala, India where Kalari massage / treatment is available is listed below. This list has been made through internet search. We may have missed some authentic centers in this list which we will update later.

1.CVN Kalari-

Contact +91 495 2768214

Location- Kozhikode


2.Carnoustier resorts

Contact +91 478 2830400

Location Alappuzha ( Alleppey)


3.Ayurveda Yoga Village

Contact +91 8157011347

Location Wayanad


4.Kadathanadan Kalari

Contact +918547308180

Location Wayanad


5. EPV Ayurveda Kalari

Contact +91 94470 4242

Location Kottayam


6.Veda Academy

Contact +91 8589 864220

Location Thrissur


7Sreerangom CVN Kalari

Contact +91 9746361761

Location Karukachal


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