About TourBeetle

TourBeetle is a cloud platform for intelligently automating your tour operations. It helps to grow your company into a global tour company through strengthening of weak business cases through automation.

We have been serving tour companies since 2011 with tour technology with our cloud based software platform “TourBeetle”. TourBeetle ME is the latest derivative of the widely accepted TourBeetle cloud platform. It helps you to :

  1. Send quick reply to an enquiry and quote. This helps to increase sales conversion rate by 42.3% and you can handle 3 times more enquiries with same team size
  2. Create common repository for supplier rates with different seasonal and other variants.
  3. Increase guest satisfaction by 62% with ontime relevant and critical alerts for better pre-tour support
  4. Increase the service quality to the guest on tour by quick access to the destination, supplier , driver and other details of guest on tour on each day
  5. Pre-load activities and programs for each destination with images. This increases guest satisfaction and easiness for employees
  6. Unique costing structure, menu structure with tour industry specific jargons and option to create 3 variants of quotes with costing of different room categories helps even a new tour executive to create professional tour quotes very easily

Through TourBeetle cloud platform major tour operators,have catered catered over 6 lakhs tourists since 2011 . We have adopted a market driven method in developing each version of TourBeetle. Tour operators were catered with 99.99% uptime since then.

Overview of integration of tour operations activities