Tips for tour executives for effective communication and profit

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You will agree to the fact that clear and professional communication is very important for better guest and vendor relation. Due to poor or unclear communication you may have to face :

  1. Loss in deals
  2. Increase in customer complaints
  3. Strained relation with vendors

Some practices you can use to improve your communication quality significantly are:

  1. Prioritize the replies/ responses to be made according to urgency on a 0 to 5 point scale. The ones with 5 point score should be addressed first.
  2. Note down the type of medium preferred for a particular reply( eg: phone call, email, whatsapp message etc)
  3. Identify the common mail subjects or mostly replied subject and prepare mail templates with grammatically correct sentences covering all possible information required (eg: if its a mail on property booking, include voucher, the details of contact person at the property , landmark etc). Give personalized touch to each mail before sending
  4. Through phone make sure the other party has fully understood what you were trying to communicate. When guest says something if possible repeat the key points to make sure you have fully understood and didn’t miss any points.
  5. Before every phone call or email, make a note or try to visualize what is the purpose of this communication. Also try to note down what all points to be discussed and what should be the possible outcome after the guest / vendor after the phone call or after vendor / guest receives the mail.

Once you improve the effectiveness of communication it not only decreases your financial and other losses but also increase your brand image.

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