Tips for effective cold calls

Sookshmatech Tips for tour executives 0

Tour executives often complain about the toughness in making cold calls. They often asks about some methods to make cold calls easier and more effective. Here are some tips:

  1. Try to get maximum information about the prospect before calling. You may get information like nationality, age , gender, preferences, whether out going type or not, price sensitive or not, destinations traveled etc from social media or other sources
  2. After introduce yourself give the prospect assurance that this is not a sales call, but a call to understand them better and build a relation
  3. Keep in your mind that in the first call never try to sell. Until unless the prospect takes initiative don’t explain about your products or pricing.
  4. Take prospect’s suggestions on how to do the follow up ( phone, mail, whatsapp etc). Also ask them what piece of information do they expect in next contact. Fix a convenient time for next follow up.
  5. If possible take information about their dream vacation and budget

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