The place where the childhood classic hero Mowgli dwelled- Kanha National Park

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Kanha National Park was the setting of Ruyard Kipling’s classical book “The jungle book”. It was in this area where dreaded Sher Khan chased Mowgli and his friends Bagheera( the black panther) , Bhalu ( the bear)etc. Even though black panthers cannot be seen here now, bears, snakes ( remember “Ka” the hypnotizer), monkeys , deers , different can still be seen in this reserve forest. Many families come year around to feel the jungle life and see real life Sher Khans ( tigers) and Bhalus ( bears).

Location: Madhya Pradsh, India

Destination type : Tiger reserve / game park

History of Kanha National Park

  1. This area was originally populated by Baiga tribe
  2. The area which currently serves as Kanha National Park was declared reserve forest in 1879
  3. In 1933 it was declared as a wild life sanctuary
  4. It was upgraded as Kanha National Park on 1 June 1955
  5. In 1973 it was made the Kanha Tiger Reserve

Activities for tourists at Kanha National Park

  1. Take a jeep safari of the Tiger reserve ( from October 1st to June 30th)
  2. Visit Kanha Museum
  3. Go for trekking
  4. Go for villege visit
  5. Try out shopping of handicrafts

How to reach there


Jabalpur airport 158 kms away is the nearest airport. It has flights to domestic destinations in India like:

  1. New Delhi
  2. Mumbai and
  3. Bangalore


Nearest major railway station is the Jabalpur railway station 160 kms away.It has trains to:

  1. Chennai
  2. Patna
  3. Pune
  4. Mumbai
  5. Bangalore etc


Best time to visit Kanha National Park are winter months February to June

Season Average temperature
Winter season (November to February) 2°C to 26°C
Summer season (April to June) 26°C to 40°C


Nearby destinations for tour operators / travel agents

  1. Jabalpur ( 160kms away)
  2. Kawardha palace ( 91 kms away)
  3. Bamni dam ( 11kms away)
  4. Mandla ( 35kms away)
  5. Amarkantak( 160kms away)

Some hotels in Kanha with room tariff less than Rs.5000/- per night

Taal Tiger Retreat

Motel Chandan

Jungle King Resort

Kanha Treasure Resort

Hotel Airan Residency

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Photo courtesy :By Davidvraju – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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