Techniques, costume and instruments used in Ottan Thullal

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Ottan Thullal is a solo performance art form. The steps and techniques has been adapted from the 2 century BCE book Natyasastra by Bharata Muni.
Some of the basic techniques used in Ottan Thullal are:
1. Mudras( hand gestures)
2. Facial expressions symbolizing navarasas
3. Slow rhythm
4. Malayalam songs based on Ramayana and Mahabharat
5. Ridiculing of wrong practices and hypocrisies in the society
Costumes used in Ottan Thullal:-
1. A knee length skirt /Dhoti of white and red colour
2. Kungroo in both legs
3. A decorated chest plate & wooden ornaments at the wrist & shoulders
4. Green facial make up with reddened lips and the eyes emphasised with Kohl
5. Colourfully decorated. head -dress
Instruments used in Ottan Thullal:-
1. Maddalam – A barrel like drum
2. Cheyyam – Small bronze Cymbal
The cheyyam artist will repeat the song sung by the Ottan Thullal performer
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