Shigmo Utsav the harvest festival of Goa 21st March 2020

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Location: Goa, India

Destination type : Cultural Destination

Shigmo Utsav ( Shigmo festival / Shigmotsav ) is the spring festival celebrated by Konkani ethnic group in Goa. Processions from temples along with floats attracts many tourists. This festival is similar to Holi. The Sigmo parade happens in the places like Ponda, Margoa, Sanguem, Vasco, Valpoi, Bicholim, Panjim, Mapusa, Pernem etc.  Traditional folk dances like Ghode Modni and Fugdi will be performed on streets .

History of  Shigmo Utsav in Goa

  1. One legend says this festival is celebrated in the memory of Kamadeva the God of love and desire
  2. This festival also commemorates the homecoming of the brave soldiers who had left their families and home at the end of Dussehra to fight the invaders
  3. In recent years the state government has supported public Shigmo parades consisting of traditional folk and street dancers
  4. The dates from which the festival started being celebrated is not yet known.
  5. Last 25 years it has been celebrated widely

Activities for tourists during Shigmo Utsav

  1. Attend the naman ceremony on the first day
  2. Celebrate Rang panchami on 5th day throwing Gulal the red powder at each other
  3. Witness ‘Ghode-morni’ ( horse dance ) and other folk dance
  4. Participate in cultural events and fairs
  5. Taste the famous Goan sea food

How to reach there


Goa has scheduled international connections to 

  1. Doha
  2.  Dubai,
  3. Muscat
  4. Sharjah and 
  5. Kuwait


Goa has two rail lines – one run by the South Western Railway and the other by the Konkan Railway. It connects Goa with major cities of India


Goa has four National Highways passing through it. NH-66 (ex NH-17) runs along India’s west coast and links Goa to Mumbai in the north and Mangalore to the south. NH-4A running across the state connects the capital Panaji to Belgaum in east, linking Goa to cities in the Deccan.


November to February is the perfect time for visiting Goa

Season Average temperature
Winter ( November to February) 17°C to 32°C
Summer ( March to May) 25°C to 35°C

Nearby destinations for tour operators / travel agents

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  2. Malvan (105 kms away)
  3. Amboli (81kms away)
  4. Gokarna (166kms away)
  5. Chapora Fort (16 kms away)

Some hotels in Goa for tourists and tour operators with room tariff less than Rs.5000/- per night

The Fern Kadamba

Moradia dos Quadros

Casa Menezes – A Heritage Goan Homestay

Cozy Woods Hill Resort, North Goa

Casa DCM and Esmeralda

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 Photo courtesy: Photo by Tarikul Raana on Unsplash


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