Pangong Tso Lake – Destination which stole hearts through Indian movies

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Have you seen:

  1. Climax scene of Amir Khan movie 3 Idiots
  2. Satrangire song from Dil Se ( Uyire in Tamil and Premato in Telugu)
  3. Bhelpuri song from Telugu movie Aagadu
  4. Shah Rukh Khan movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan or
  5. Dil Haara song from Tashan

Ever wondered which was the incredibly beautiful shooting location of these movies? Its  Pangong Tso Lake in Ladak. It extends from India to Tibet . Pangong is a breeding ground for different migratory birds. Its also one of the high altitude lake with saline water. 

Location: Ladak, India

Destination type : Leisure destination

History of  Ladak

  1. The earliest layer in the population of Ladakh probably comprised the Dardi
  2. In the 1st century CE, Pliny the Elder repeats that the Dards(Brokpa in Ladakhi) are great producers of gold.
  3.  In 634/5 Zhangzhung acknowledged Tibetan suzerainty for the first time, and in 653 a Tibetan commissioner (mnan) was appointed there.
  4. In 747, the hold of Tibet was loosened by the campaign of Chinese General Gao Xianzhi
  5. In October 1993, the Indian government and the State government agreed to grant Ladakh the status of Autonomous Hill Council. In 1995, the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council was created.

Activities for tourists at Pangong

  1. Stay in a camp near Pangong Tso Lake
  2. Watch starry sky at night &  have a campfire
  3. Go for a photo shoot during sunrise and sunset
  4. Watch out for Marmot coming out of holes
  5. Watch the migratory birds

How to reach there


Nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh 160km away. It has flights to destinations like:

  1. New Delhi
  2. Srinagar
  3. Jammu
  4. Chandigarh


The nearest railway station in Tawi 892 kms away . It has trains to:

  1. New Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Kochi
  4. Kolkotta etc


You can travel from Leh to Pangong by road. Its 224 kms away.


The best time to visit Pangong is are the months May to September

Season Average temperature
Winter season (November to April) -25°C to 3°C
Summer season (May to September ) -8°C to 20°C

Nearby destinations for tour operators / travel agents

  1. Leh Palace (224 kms away)
  2. Ladakh (170 kms away)
  3. Chadar Trek(169 kms away)
  4. Magnetic hills (247 kms away)
  5. Changla pass ( 147 kms away)

Some hotels in Pangong with room tariff less than Rs.5000/- per night

Eco Travellers Camp

Pangong Eco Resort

The Norling Camp – Pangong

The Ladakh Camp

Wonderland Camp

Pangong Tso Lake – Destination which stole hearts through Indian movies 

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Photo courtesy: By 1997kB – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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