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Osijek – Picturesque yet less noticed destination

There is more than coastline to visit in Croatia. Osijek is such a jem .Osijek is located on the right bank of the river Drava, 25 kilometres (16 mi) upstream of its confluence with the Danube .Osijek remains a popular domestic tourist destination for its Baroque style, open spaces and ample recreational opportunities.


  1. The origins of human habitation of Osijek dates back to Neolithic times
  2. 3rd century BC Illyrians and Celts establish settlements on the banks of the Drava, near present-day Osijek
  3.  Roman emperor Hadrianraised the old settlement of Mursa (Osijek) to a colony with special privileges in 131 AD
  4. 1196 Osijek is mentioned for the first time in historical sources as “Essek”, a port and trade centre under the rule of Hungarian King Emerik.
  5. 26 June 1991 Croatia declares independence Osijek slowly resumes its position as the economic and cultural capital of Croatia’s southeast


  1. Visit main square,
  2. Visit Trg Ante Starčevića,
  3. Visit Tvrđa the 18th century Baroque citadel, (Prandua Normann palace, seat of government is here)
  4. Walk along the promenade along the Drava (“promenada”),
  5. Visit the suspension pedestrian bridge toward Baranja
  6. Visit the Co-cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (Sv. Petar i Pavao) is a Neo-Gothic structure with the second highest tower in Croatia

How to reach there


In addition to the numerous train services that operate each day to Zagreb, there are services to a number of other cities such as Koprivnica and Rijeka,


During the summer months, there are flights with Croatia Airlines [7] from the Adriatic coast cities of Split and Dubrovnik to Osijek Airport There is now also international service by Ryanair,which started servicing flights to London Gatwick. Connections between Osijek and Munich as well as Frankfurt


A few highways pass nearby to Osijek including A3, which connects Zagreb to Belgrade (Beograd), and the pan-European corridor Vc from Budapestthrough to Sarajevo.

Nearby destinations

Pecs (79 kms away)

Subotic(126 kms away)

Budapest (222 kms away)

Belgrade (215 kms away)

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