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Ferrara – Hidden reniassance city with oldest palio( horse race) in the world

Less visited Italian city with ancient walls and renaissance art and history. Ideal for biking (cycling) or romantic strolls. Home to 14th and 15th-century palaces and stunning cathedrals


  1. Visit Cathedral of Saint George
  2. Walk / bike through the streets enjoying the renaissance style buildings
  3. Visit Museo Archeologico Nazionale
  4. Take pictures of Ferrari city walls
  5. Visit Castello Estense
  6. Take part in Palio

How to reach there


Ferrara is on the Bologna to Venice train line–33 trains a day originating from Bologna pass though Ferrara each weekday. Ferrara is an hour and a half by train from Venice. It is an hour to another interesting destination, Ravenna.


Bus info for Ferrara and the surrounding area is available at telephone 0532-599492. The bus from Modena takes one and a half hours.


Nearest airport is Bologno airport 48 kms away.It is connencted to international cities like Munich, Dulin, Paris, Mosco, Vienna, Dubai, London, Palermo, Tel Aviv, Prague, Brussels, Istanbul

Nearby destinations

  1. Venice (112 kms away)
  2. Bologna (48km away)
  3. Ravenna (87 kms away)
  4. Rimini (161 kms away)
  5. Padua (76 kms away)

Some hotels in Farrara with tariff less than Rs.5000/-

Hotel Corte Estense http://www.corteestense.it/

B&B Hotel Ferrara https://www.hotel-bb.com/it/hotel/ferrara?utm_source=googlemaps&utm_medium=fichehotel&utm_campaign=ferrara

B & B Delizia Estense http://www.deliziaestense.com/

Agriturismo Alla Casella http://www.allacasella.it/


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