Destinations around the world for increasing wellness and immunity : 12. Bear Lake

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Location: Bear Lake County, Utah, U.S.

Destination type : Wellness Destination

The bear lake is a lake with fresh water with lesser temperature on the top layer and warm saline water below.The water temperature varies between 18 to 23 degrees. In depth, salt concentration increases and the water becomes increasingly warmer. The water is believed to have healing properties certain gynecological diseases, rheumatism, and endocrine, metabolic, neurological . This belief attracts thousands of tourists every year.

History of  Bear Lake

  1. The bear lake was formed in 1875 with the collapse of a salt mine
  2. It was filled with water from the rain falls and from the streams
  3. The tourism potential of the lake was first recognized by landowner Lajos Sófalvi Illyés in 1900.
  4. Since 1928 there is the treatment center in Sovata near Bear Lake, the first spa resort in this area.
  5. It was renovated in 2009

Activities for tourists at Sovata Bear lake

  1. Take a dip in the lake to feel heliotherapy
  2. Stroll along the lake side
  3. Visit a local spa
  4. Trek along the nearby small hills
  5. Visit the nearby salt lakes


The best time to visit Sovata are months of June to September

Season Average temperature
Winter ( November to February) -1°C to 21°C
Summer (June to August) 20°C to 25°C




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