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Chidambaram- the place of Lord Nataraja which inspired the  European Nuclear Research Organization    (CERN)                             

Chidambaram is famous for a Shiva temple dedicated to Vaidyanatheswarar, the healer of all diseases, and his consort Thaiyalnayaki. It is believed that a bath in the holy waters of the Siddhamirtham tank within the temple complex will cure all diseases.


1. According to mythology it was the precise spot where the Hindu god Shiva had once danced in a grove of tillai trees. The dance was, in fact, a competition between Shiva and Parvati and naturally the great Shiva won.

2. There is reference to the temple or the town in Sangam literature of the first to fifth centuries and the earliest mention is found in Tamil literature

3. The Nataraja temple was constructed between c. 1175 and c. 1200 CE.

4. Most of the temples at Chidambaram were built in the 12th and 13th centuries CE.

5. Chidambaram is also famous for its 17th century CE Nayaka ceiling paintings which decorate the Shivakamasundari shrine of the Nataraja Temple. More than 40 panels depict scenes from the life of the saint Manikkavachakar, a devotee of Shiva.

Activities for tourists

1. Visit Thillai Natarajar temple

2. Visit Thillai Kaliamman temple

3. Visit second largest mangrove forest , Pitchavaram

4. Visit Parangipettai


How to reach there


Pondicherry airport is the nearest airport (67 kms away). It has flights to Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Chennai International airport is 208 kms away. It has flights to destinations like Singapore, Sharjah, Mauritius, Kuala lumpur, London, Dubai, Bangkok, Doha and Jiddah


Chidambaram railway station is located in the rail head from Mayiladuthurai to Viluppuram. There are daily express trains to Chennai, Rameswaram, Tirupathi, Cuddalore and Manamadurai. There are passenger trains to Mayiladuthurai, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Nagore and Bengaluru


The national highway NH-45A (the Villupuram-Puducherry-Cuddalore-Chidambaram-Nagapattinam Highway) passes through Chidambaram.  It connects Chidambaram to all major cities in India

Nearby destinations for tour operators / travel agents

1. Puducherry ( Pondicherry – 64 kms away)

2. Chennai ( 230 kms away)

3. Kanchipuram (177 kms away)

4. Poompuhar (42 kms away)

5. Mahabalipuram ( 160kms away)

Some hotels in Destination Name for tourists and tour operators with room tariff less than Rs.5000/- per night

The Grand Park

The Grand White Palace

Vandayar Hotel

Nataraja Residency

Chola Inn


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