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Cartagena – A Carrebean city with fortesses which are masterpiece of Spanish military engineering

A beautiful Spanish Colonial walled city with high-end restaurants and plenty of sights .The port, the fortresses and the group of monuments of Cartagena were selected in 1984 by the UNESCO as significant to the heritage of the world


  1.  Archaeologists have found the most ancient ceramic objects of the Americas, dating from around 4000 BC from this area
  2. Cartagena was founded on June 1, 1533 by the Spanish commander, Pedro de Heredia, i
  3. The ‘Silver Age’ of the city began in 1750–1808. This time was one of permanent expansion of the existing buildings, massive immigration from all the other cities


  1. Visit Colonial architecture with Andalusian style roots.
  2. Visit steps of La Popa mount
  3. Visit Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas
  4. Visit the Walled city of Cartagena
  5. Visit tatro Heredia
  6. Visit Cartagena Gold Museum
  7. Visit palace of the Inquisition

How to reach there


The city is linked to the northern part of the Caribbean Region through roads 90and 90A, more commonly called Central Caribbean Road. This Road passes through Barranquilla,Santa Marta and Riohacha ending in Paraguachón, Venezuela and continues with Venezuelan numeration all the way to Caracas. Taxis in the city perimeter do not have fare meters.


The Rafael Núñez International Airport, is the busiest airport in Colombia’s Caribbean region and the fourth in passenger traffic in the country. It is connected to destinations like Amsterdam, Toronto, Miami, Lima, New York and Atlanta

Nearby destinations

  1. Barranquilla (129 kms away)
  2. Puerto Columbia ( 115kms away)
  3. La Bouquilla ( 15 kms away)

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