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Bern- The lesser known Swiss capital known as : “City of fountains”

The Old Town of Bern was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 1983 because of the preserved medieval city centre.   It features 4 miles of arcaded walkways along streets decked out with fountains and clock-towers.


1. Engehalbinsel (peninsula) north of Bern, fortified since the second century BC

2. Berne was founded in 1191 by Duke Berthold V von Zähringen and was part of the Holy Roman Empire
3. Bern has been Switzerland’s capital city since 1848.

4. Bern was occupied by French troops in 1798 during the French Revolutionary Wars,

5. Bern was made the Federal City (seat of the Federal Assembly) within the new Swiss federal state in 1848.


1. Watch bears at famous Bern bear park

2. Pay tribute at Einstien house

3. Watch cloak tower and medeival streets

4. Visit museum of natural history

5. Walk around enjoing the fountains

6. Wonder the evolvement of communication at the communications museum

How to reach there


Berne’s international airport Bern-Belp has direct flights from Cologne Munich, Barcelona,Paris, London


Bern is conveniently located in the vast network of Swiss Federal Railway between Geneva, Basel and Zurich . Hourly express trains take you into all directions, including Interlaken, Brig, and Lucerne.

Nearby destinations

1. Zurich (130 kms away)

2. Geneva (168 kms away)

3. Murten ( 30 kms away)

4. Turin ( 207 kms away)

5. Milan ( 252 kms away)

6. Strasbourg ( 180 kms away)

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