Amazing Adelaide Fringe – the world’s second largest arts festival from 14th February to 15th March 2020

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Location : Adelaide, Australia

Destination Type: Cultural destination

Adelaide Fringe is an annual arts festival conducted at Adelaide Australia. It show cases art installations and performances for 4 weeks. Over 7000 artists from around the world take part in this grand event .

History of  Adelaide Fringe Festival

  1. The Fringe Festival was started in 1960
  2. By 1970, the event grew to three weeks in duration
  3. The festival became incorporate association by 1975 and by 1988 International artists were allowed to participate
  4. By 2007 the event got funding from Australian government and became an annual event
  5. Made in Adelaide award was introduced in 2017

Activities for tourists at Adelaide during Fringe Festival

  1. Choose your interested art events and book tickets in advance
  2. Take part in open shows or installations
  3. For needed check out for audio interpreted or sign language interpreted events for blind and deaf
  4. Relax at Adelaide beaches
  5. Enjoy classical dance, music concerts, cabaret, comedy, circus and physical theater, dance, film, puppetry, music, visual art etc

How to reach there


Adelaide International Airport is located 4 miles from the heart of the city and is a bustling airport. Several Major airlines operate here including Quantas & Air New Zealand. There are several flights to Adelaide from Asia, Europe and the Americas. There are also domestic flights from Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.


The Great Southern Railway journey is a tourist experience. The Ghan from Alice Springs and Darwin, The Overaland from Melbourne and The Indian Pacific from Perth, Broken Hill & Sydney are all long distance trains running between Adelaide and other parts of Australia from the coast to the outback.

Nearby destinations for tour operators / travel agents

  1. Kangaroo Island ( 158 kms away)
  2. Port Elliot (82 kms away)
  3. Clare Valley (145 kms away)
  4. Barossa Valley( 77 kms away)
  5. Maclaren Valley ( 41 kms away)

Some hotels in Adelaide for tourists and tour operators with room tariff less than Rs.5000/- per night

The Hotel Metropolitan

Adelaide Central YHA

The Highlander Hotel

Tequila Sunrise Hostel

The Guest House

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